The aim of the MRI Journal is also to strengthen moral education by exploring the sustainability and effectiveness of various Chinese approaches to ethics. Strengthening moral education is a commitment shared with people of goodwill following all the religious and spiritual traditions of China. Thus, in addition to its inherited focus on comparative spirituality, the Macau Ricci Institute programs will include a number of topics promoting applied ethics, entrepreneurial responsibility and environmental stewardship.

The MRI Journal will try to highlight how different wisdom traditions not only enrich each other but also shape the values of leadership oriented to the common good in an ever-changing world. However, good leaders do not simply fall from heaven; they depend on institutional frameworks that make social innovation possible. “Truthfulness” describes a key ingredient of different wisdom traditions including Confucianism. The good leader is recognised as truthful and trustworthy. The MRI Journal will pursue truthfulness in order, wherever possible, to help improve the moral, spiritual, and physical health in dialogue with the Chinese.